The Butaro District Hospital

Umusozi Ukiza “Healing Hill” Doctors’ Housing

The Umubano Primary School

Butaro Ambulatory Cancer Center

Rwinkwavu Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Ilima Primary School

GHESKIO Cholera Treatment Center

GHESKIO Tuberculosis Hospital

GHESKIO Tuberculosis Hospital

Maternity Waiting Village

Mubuga Primary School

Butaro Doctors’ Sharehousing

The Impact of Design on Childbirth

Liberia Health Infrastructure Standards and Guidelines

USAID Health Infrastructure Primer

Airborne Infection Control Course

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Lupani Primary School

Madieu Williams School

Hospital of the Future

Design Implications of the Affordable Care Act

Bishop Masereka Medical Center

Mamohau Hospital

Cholera Center Expansion Research

Albert Schweitzer Hospital

St. Boniface Hospital

Redemption Pediatric Hospital

Klekom Tech Hub

Conservatory Lab Charter School

Manyara Ranch Primary School

Kayanja Center for Global Health

Buhanga Speciality Hospital

Munini District Hospital

Colorado College Tutt Library Revisioning

Rwanda Hospital Design Standards

Deployable Health Facilities in Liberia

New York Regional Hospital Redesign

New York Public Branch Libraries Revisioning

Family Partnership Center

Liberian Health Facilities Assessment Report

African Center for Peace

Nyanza Maternity Hospital

MoMA PS1: Bottle Service